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Free From Fairy’s Gluten, Dairy and Refined Sugar Free Biscuits



Without a doubt my favourite free nibble at the Allergy and Free From Show this year were the biscuits on the Free From Fairy’s stall, made with her wholegrain gluten and rice free flour.

In typical fashion, I have finally got round to making them myself only three months later! Low FODMAP options for sweet snacks are pretty hard to come by and I rarely leave for uni or work without a slice of Mum’s ever-evolving flapjack recipe. Over the past few months we have experimented with the amount of butter in the recipe, replacing some with coconut oil, and also attempted to replace some of the sugar with alternatives such as stevia and rice syrup.

I am now even more determined to eat mostly home made snacks as last week in a moment of madness I bought a slice of millionaire’s shortbread (one of my lifelong weaknesses) which had pecan nuts in the caramel. Within a few minutes felt an allergic reaction starting which resulted in a fair amount of embarrassment and social awkwardness in the middle of a choir practice, a lift home with Dad and a zombified state from the amount of antihistamines I had to take, but luckily no deployment epipens or trips to hospital. Having been tested for several types of tree nuts last year and been happily eating them ever since, this was somewhat of a shock and has made me even more wary of eating unfamiliar snacks.

I remembered I had a recipe card for the delicious biscuits and got mixing as soon as I was recovered. These little beauties get straight to the health conscious point by not containing any butter or refined sugar from the start, so I only feel guilty when I eat far too many in one sitting.

I have had a look through the wonderful recipes on Vicki’s Free From Fairy website and found so many I want to make that we will definitely have to get some more of her flour soon! I couldn’t spot this recipe online so hope it will be OK to share it here. I take absolutely no credit for this recipe but am very happy to recommend it!


They turned out perfectly textured and a delicious light flavour. I’m normally fairly ambivalent about coconut but I now love the subtle flavour of coconut oil in both sweet and savoury recipes.

We’ve now made another batch and added in some cinnamon and ginger which makes a lovely addition with just a hint of Christmas!



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